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Author Photo Circa 2006 at the First Incarnation of this Website Learn More
With Griffin, my youngest, before yet another scout hike to the High Sierras. Learn More
Author Photo Circa A Long Time Ago! Learn More
White-water rafting near Sutter's Mill of California gold rush fame--American River That's me back right, one son at the front left, another two behind his brother. Learn More

Welcome to Kerry Cole's Website!

Dear Reader:

What are you doing?  You must be lost!   As long as you're here, welcome to our little corner of the worldwide web.  A work in progress to be sure, but feel free to poke around all you want and don't hesitate to drop me an email with whatever is on your mind.

I am a writer of mystery and thriller novels.  At least that's one of the things that I am, and the one supposed to be highlighted here.  You can read excerpts from my novels,  UNLIKELY ALLIANCES and TAKE DEAD AIM by clicking on the tabs above.  It's pretty scintilating stuff so be sure to take your blood pressure medicine before clicking the tabs.  Just kidding, you'll probably survive the reading.

I love Top Ten lists.  There's something fun, sometimes informative or at least entertaining about a snappy, bullet-pointed list of Top Ten Items. The subject matter isn't critical because you're only asked to devote a few moments to the entire list.  David Letterman exploited the notion cleverly.  Someday I'm going to write a novel around the Top Ten concept. So many ideas, so little time!

Blog. No rules here.  Musings and ramblings.  Observations. Venting.  

That's my youngest son saying goodbye to dad before I went  with two other sons and a bunch of boy scouts for a week-long hiking trip through California's High Sierras. Surprisingly dad survived the trip just fine, even caught the biggest fish of the group.  You should all experience fishing in a piercingly blue, glacial lake 10,000 feet or so above sea level.  Not so much the hike getting there!

Below is a white-water rafting photo from another youth trip taken on the American River near Sutter's Mill, ground zero for the California Gold Rush.  That's me, cool in shades, on the back right, one son on the front left and another sits third boy back on the left.  Yeah, I have a big family.  It's great.

whitewater rafting

Thanks for stumbling in.  We hope you're warmed up and ready to continue your trek.  Come visit whenever you feel so inspired. Content will change regularly, new features are coming online all the time and we'll eventually get it the way we want it.  

Take Care,

Kerry L. Cole