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Posted by admin on October 21, 2013

Watching Modern Family on TV this week reminded me just how clever and entertaining a well-written sitcom can be.  The jokes are intelligent, respecting the viewer's ability to "get it" and layered, so pay attention, there's often more there than initially meets the eye (my wife is much better at picking out the subtleties than I am.)

I'm not a big TV watcher other than sports and a few selected programs (which I expand on in the About tab).  However, I love a great sitcom.  In my life span there have been a handful of situation comedies that I'd put in that elite category:

MASH--In college my roommates and I would watch one MASH rerun at 5:00 pm and another just before Johnny Carson at 10:00 pm and once a week the new episode at its usual time.Set in a front-line mobile medical unit during the Korean War it was not contemporary and the premise was a bit morbid with blood and suffering.  You'd think that would be enough to disuage viewers from tuning in, however, smart writing and great acting trump made this one of history's best.